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Facebook Pixel PRO configuration page


Facebook Pixel integration for Opencart

This Opencart extension will integrate the Facebook Pixel in your Opencart webshop(s).
This extension will track the default events with dynamically generated values and parameters:
ViewContent, AddToCart, Purchase, Search, AddToWishlist, InitiateCheckout, CompleteRegistration & AddPaymentInfo.

The Facebook pixel can be used for three main functions:

  1. Building Custom Audiences from your website for remarketing
  2. Optimizing ads for conversions
  3. Tracking conversions and attributing them back to your ads

Facebook Help Center

The Pixel events will be reported to Facebook with parameters 'value', 'currency', 'content_ids' (= product ID), 'content_name' (= product name), 'num_items' (for the Purchase, InitiateCheckout & Search event).

Get the extension from the Opencart Marketplace


Installing the Facebook Pixel PRO integration

Installation of this extension is very simple. Since it doesn't make use of any vQmod or OCMOD modifications, uploading the files manually to the server is all it takes.

  • Manual installation

    Download and unzip the extension package from the Opencart Marketplace. In the unzipped folder, find the folder that corresponds with the version of Opencart you are currently using for your webshop.

    Unzip the file and upload the 'admin' & 'catalog' folder in the /upload/ folder to the root of the Opencart installation.
  • Using the Extension Installer

    Download and unzip the extension package from the Opencart Marketplace. In the unzipped folder, find the folder that corresponds with the version of Opencart you are currently using for your webshop.

    Don't unzip the file!
    Use the Extension Installer to upload the Facebook Pixel extension to your server.
    There is no need to refresh the modification cache, since no OCMOD modifications are required for the extension to function.

After uploading the extension files, navigate to Extensions > Extensions in the shop administration, and select Analytics in the dropdown (default).
Click the install button Install button next to the Facebook Marketing module.

Display Bug in Analytics list (OC2.2 & OC2.3)

In the Extension Analytics list in Opencart version 2.2 & 2.3 there is a bug that doesn't display the list correctly.
After installing the Facebook Pixel PRO extension the list will look like the screenshot below:

Analytics bug

You can see and click the uninstall button Install button but then there is no edit button Edit button to start configuring the Facebook Marketing module.

This is a bug in the Opencart core source code, which can be corrected using the analytics_bug_fix.ocmod.xml file included in the OC2.2.0.x and 2.3.0.x folders of the extension release.

Upload the OCMOD file with the Extension Installer or manually upload the file to the /system/ folder and refresh the modification cache by clicking the refresh button Refresh button on the Extension > Modifications page.

After installing the patch and refreshing the OCMOD cache, the analytics list should look like this:

Analytics list

Now you can start configuring the Facebook Pixel PRO extension.


Facebook Pixel Implementation Guide

If you don't have a Facebook Pixel ID yet, navigate to Facebook Advertiser Help Center - Create a pixel in Business Manager and follow the steps on how to create a new Facebook Pixel

After you have created a Facebook Pixel, navigate to Extensions > Extensions in the shop administration, and select Analytics in the dropdown (default).
Click the edit button Edit button to start configuring the Facebook Pixel. Insert your Facebook Pixel ID in the Facebook Pixel ID field.
If you have already created a Product Catalog in Facebook Business Manager, you can insert the product Catalog ID in the Product Catalog ID field. (optional step, only required if you want to run Dynamic Product Ad campaigns)
Click the Save button button to save the settings.
Creating a Facebook Product Catalog using the Opencart Google Base product feed

Configuration Options

The Facebook Pixel extension features extra configuration options.

Advanced Matching

The Facebook pixel has an advanced matching feature that enables you to send your customer data through the pixel to match more website actions with Facebook users. With this additional data, you can report and optimize your ads for more conversions and build larger re-marketing audiences. You can pass the customer identifiers, such as email, phone number that you collect from your website during the checkout, account sign-in, or registration process as parameters in the pixel. Facebook then uses this information to match pixel events with Facebook users when the Facebook cookie is not present on the browser that fires the pixel.

Facebook Developer Docs
The extension has a switch to enable/disable the Advanced Matching feature. Just click the button next to 'Advanced Matching' to enable/disable the feature. The button text will indicate 'On' when enabled, and 'Off' when disabled. (default is 'On')
Click the Save button to save the settings.

You can enable/disable each identifier separately under the Advanced Matching Data tab.
Clicking the identifier switch will automatically save the new status for the identifier (PRO version only).

The default settings on initial installation:

  • 'Email', 'First Name', 'Last Name' & 'Phone' are enabled ('On')
  • 'City', 'State', & 'Zip' are disabled ('Off')

Data Security

Any customer data you pass through the Facebook JavaScript pixel is hashed locally on the browser before it goes to the Facebook servers for matching. This hashing process turns your data into short encrypted messages that are difficult to reverse engineer. Facebook typically deletes all matched and unmatched hashes within 48 hours after the matching process ends.

Facebook Developer Docs

Values VAT Inclusive PRO version only

The Values VAT Inclusive setting, when enabled, allows to have pixel values including VAT. By default, this setting is disabled ('Off').

Manual Only Mode PRO version only

Automatic Configuration

The Facebook pixel will send button click and page metadata (such as data structured according to Opengraph or formats) from your website to improve your ads delivery and measurement and automate your pixel setup.

Facebook Developer Docs
The Facebook pixel has a feature that automatically tracks button clicks and page metadata: the SubscribedButtonClick and Microdata event respectively.

To configure the Facebook Pixel extension to not send this additional information, you can disable this feature by enabling the Manual Only Mode switch. By default, this setting is disabled ('Off' = SubscribedButtonClick and Microdata events will be tracked).

Manual Only Mode

Pixel Events configuration Pro version only

The extension allows to individually enable/disable tracking of Pixel Events. By default, all events are enabled.

To disable a Pixel Event, click the Enable button button on the right of the event name. If the event is disabled, click the Disable button button to re-activate it.
(Changes are saved instantly)

For the Search, AddPaymentInfo, CompleteRegistration and Pageview event, you can specify a custom value in the respective Value field.

When using decimals, only use the point as decimal mark. Don't add a currency symbol.
  • Allowed notation: 10.50
  • Invalid notation: 10,50 - will produce errors!
  • Invalid notation: $10.50 - will produce errors!

After making changes to the event value(s), click the Save button button to save the settings.

Facebook Pixel Helper for Google Chrome browser

For easy troubleshooting it is recommended to use the Facebook Pixel Helper (for Chrome).

Facebook Pixel Helper for Chrome


For questions about this extension and general support write me an email.
Make sure to include the Opencart version you are using, the frontend theme, and a list of any modifications (vQmod & other).

More information about Facebook Pixels can be found in the Facebook Help Center